Who I am

I’m a Registered Dietitian in East Tennessee. I promote simply eating real food that works best for your body. I work as a full-time clinical dietitian in the healthcare setting.

Please know that the views expressed here or any of my writing does not necessarily reflect the views of my employer and do not replace medical advice of any kind. All opinions are my own.

Why I am not your Typical Dietitian

  • I don’t count calories.
  • I read ingredients not nutrition labels.
  • I truly believe in quality over quantity.
  • I take a personal approach to nutrition, health, and healing.
  • I desire to help others find peace with food and ditch the diet mentality for good.
  • I am not dogmatic about food/dieting/health. Peace, balance, whole living is my goal.
  • I desire to inspire others to stop the acceptance of fake food that so badly cripples us today.
  • I strive to bridge the gap between conventional nutrition and integrative/functional nutrition.
  • I believe in integrity and being transparent regarding industry-sponsored dietary advice in my profession.
  • I desire to advance the dietetic profession by advocating for greater financial transparency and ethical sponsorships within the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.