Hemp and Honey Plus Body Care

September 14, 2014 | Product Review | 0 comments | Author:

I’ve been MIA and you know what, it’s been wonderful. We are now raising the most handsome and intelligent border collie, Mason. He is bringing a lot of love and change into our lives! Currently he is 3 months old and doing very well. With that my online presence has dwindled. I wanted to find some time though to share a review of a product I have just fallen in love with.

Let me introduce you to Hemp and Honey Plus Body Care. I wanted to align myself with this company for a couple of reasons:

hemp and honey plus

  1. I love natural skincare.
  2. This company uses two ingredients I believe in- hemp oil and manuka honey.
  3. Learn more about the amazing-ness of hemp oil here and manuka honey here.
  4. The good ingredients do not end there though… coconut oil, aloe vera, and matcha green tea are a few among the others.

The products are very soothing. I have used the body cream on both my body and face following a shower and my oil cleansing method. I have loved the hand butter since getting Mason because as you know puppies like to chew and his nails can scrap too. I also developed some type of eczema patch on my wrist I believe after getting him (from stress/no sleep, and eating more dairy) and the hand butter seemed to help clear it up faster. Oh, and the lip care I adore. Maybe it’s the fact that manuka honey is in it, I’m not really sure, but I want it on my lips at all times.

If you all have a chance please check this awesome company out. They stand behind quality and care about their ingredients. They are located in Ohio and you can find these products here. You can also follow the brand on Instagram. Please let me know if you try them!